A number of organisations provide services and/or sell resources especially designed for those living with dementia including activities and assisted living aids. Please note that St. George’s Dementia Support Group have no links with any of these companies and cannot vouch for their products.


The following organisations are a great source of information about a wide range of topics related to caring for someone or living with dementia – some of which may not yet have occurred to you.


Age Space is a one-stop online resource and guide for anyone with concerns about, or caring for an ageing parent or relative, neighbour or friend. Whether you’re facing an immediate crisis, or are just beginning to worry, Age Space is bursting with information, resources and guides that can help. This site has evolved from one families experience of supporting a family member living with dementia and their struggles to find the information and guidance they needed. It has expanded to include local hubs.


Alzheimers Society

The Alzheimer’s Society is the UK’s leading Dementia charity. Although their name is based on one of the leading causes of dementia their focus is on all forms of dementia. They campaign for change, fund research to find a cure and support people living with dementia today. The website includes information about the different types of dementia, symptoms and diagnosis, treatments, support services amongst other topics.


Dementia Aids and Resources:

Several organisations sell a wide range of dementia products and dementia aids designed to make both the lives of those living with dementia and their carers easier. Some of those organisations are listed below:

Alzheimers Society Shop

The Alzheimers Society in addition to their information and research functions have an on-line shop selling a range of daily living aids.

Web: https://shop.alzheimers


AlzProducts offer a wide range of dementia aids, memory aids and dementia products.


UKS Mobility

UKS Mobility sell a range of dementia products and dementia aids.



Active Norfolk have developed a number of Norfolk Rambles with Dementia Maps. For more information go to their website.



There are a number of organisations that specialise in offering holidays to people with disabilities and their carers and in some instances specifically for people living with dementia.

None of the organisations listed below have any connection with St George’s Dementia Support Group nor are we in a position to recommend their services.

Dementia Adventure

Dementia Adventure specialises in designing and delivering small group short breaks and holidays for people living with dementia, their partners, family, friends or carer to enjoy together.

Tel: 01245 237548
Email: [email protected]

Mind for you

Mind for You offers supported holidays for people with dementia and their carers together, throughout the UK. Check out their website for information about holidays and printable resources to use at home.

Tel: 07788292938
Email:  [email protected]


Revitalise is a national charity providing essential breaks for people with disabilities, visually impaired people and carers. Revitalise’s centres provide 24-hour care on-call and personal support in a relaxed, holiday environment. They also run breaks for people with dementia.

Tel: 030 3303 0145